Way too much attention on the vocal folds people!

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Let me build up my larynx muscles; maybe with microscopic weights?

There is more and more talk about vocal folds today, what used to be called vocal chords.  These delicate tissues generate only an  embryonic vibration though, whichvical folds is not speech yet.  This embryonic vibration is generated in the larynx and then it ultimately transformed into speech in the mouth by way to the phonetic process of forming vowels and consonants.  Therefore, speech happens in the mouth, not the throat people.

Do you have to tell your eye how to adapt to light? No!

Do you know how your eye muscles function?  And do you actively participate in the functioning of your eye muscles or the cornea or your retina?  “Now I am going to dilate my eye muscles”. No!  Unless there is a dysfunction and you go to a biofeedback practitioner to help you retrain specific muscles, you don’t have to. It is second nature, instinctual!

So why so much attention on the vocal folds?  The main thing you need to know is that natural speech happens when these folds are completely relaxed and we have no attention on them  We have our ‘intention’ on communicating our meaning through the words, and not the mechanics of communication.  This is how it is for humans.  And the moment we allow the Technical Mind, or called Relative Mind, to ‘think’ that it is controlling this instinctual event, you have lost the intent of the action and are acting like a machine.  We are an organism, and the difference between an organism and a machine are worlds apart.  Machine are modeled after the organic world, not the other way around.

Singing as a Intuitive Mind-Body event.

Singing is not a conscious event controlled by the Technical Mind, but an instinctual event from the heart. Mammals are social creatures and everything we are is a communication, and words are actually a very small aspect of this process, some say at 15% of the entire communication process.  We want to share something with others that is from the heart, not from the head.  My voice training was mostly about getting me to let go of the Technical Mind’s control on my emotions and getting me to sing from my heart, from my body.  Feeling the vibration of my singing and the joy of the act of singing is what it is really about.  And then, we can maybe learn to sing in front of others in this personal, mind-body intuitive event that energizes me and makes me feel fully human. And others might enjoy it as well.

But the moment I start allowing the Technical Mind (thoughts and language and the past) dominate the process, it will make me very unhappy and it is never actually satisfying. The joy of the event is lost , even if I am technically singing proficiently.  I know; I have been there!





davidWay too much attention on the vocal folds people!