What I do for you as a singer…

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At 62, I can offer a full spectrum of skills, experience, and professional background to take singer’s from whatever level they come in at to higher levels of skill where they never damage their voice by over-exerting and forcing, as many singers do today. This is the bottom line for those performing for live audiences.

I have expertise in singing voice because I’ve walked the path myself for forty years as a performing singer and actor, teacher and coach, producer and director, and neuro-somatic psychotherapist. I have 30 years in private clinical practice working with professional singers and actors in New York City (1982-2002), Washington, D.C., Chicago, and now Denver & Boulder, Colorado.

I am a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.  I was a member of the Actors Union which  is the American labor union representing the world of live theatrical performance in union theaters. I have performed in musical comedy and plays in the theatre, cafes, coffee houses, open mikes, concerts, the Famous Custer Fair main-stage in Chicago, The Newport Jazz Festival, the 92nd Street’ Y’ performing arts program. I was a student and colleague of Albert Hague (Mr. Sharotsky in the Film TV version of “Fame” as well as Tony award winning broadway musical composer “Plain and Fancy” and composer of the cartoon musical “The Grinch that Stole Christmas”.  And I performed my one-man show in New York City from 1989 to 1994 entitled “Love, Desire, and Growing Pains” with actor, writer, and director Loraine Masterton.

Today, I work exclusively with singers who are performing in front of  live audiences.  Moving a singer’s voice to another level needs to be a gentle yet streamlined process of physical and emotional development.  What I have learned in over 30 years of working with professional singers is that fear and unresolved stress are what need to be observed in the singing process in order to allow you to perform in front of others and do it for yourself first and foremost.  If you are not doing it for yourself, then you are missing the boat.

I also teach how to bridge the gap that often exists between your speaking voice and your singing voice.  This is a matter of getting the technical mind out of the way and discovering that your voice is the same voice whether you are singing or speaking.  It is the same instrument essentially.  My job is to help you get into the intuitive mind which is where any learned motor skill originates.  When you sing, you do not think about what is happening in your throat or your breath process.  You have no cognitive/thought focus other than communicating in a relaxed manner.  It should be the same with singing.  But in our culture, we have acquired habits that keep us from singing naturally, effortlessly, and uninhibitedly which singing must be.  My task is to help you see that there is no difference essentially between singing and speaking.  The rest is motor skills development.

I saw that my training needed to include psychology because the reason that we find it difficult to be nobody but ourselves while we sing has to do with how we reacted to those around as children.  I have sought approaches and technologies that streamline a singer’s learning process.  Rolfing™ and other disciplines for working with the fear that we accumulate in our body and which inhibits us from singing freely.  My work as a psychotherapist helps because everyone who seeks my assistance is unable to sing like they speak, there is a split between the speaking and singing personality.  Again, accumulated fear is my expertise and helping you to release those energy blocks so that you can access your deeper core, where singing comes from.

And students are amazed how fast they begin to see that what they have been doing in their singing is a way to avoid real feelings.  And yet, as singers. all we ever want to do is express our true self through our music.  Again, I know because I made the entire trek from singing like everybody else to singing like nobody but myself.  It was the most amazing journey to discover that I only had to learn to do LESS than I was doing and that my voice was a much MORE that=n I ever expected.  But them, Universe is very efficient and that includes our expression system.  The least amount of breath will produce the most about of resonance, once you learn how your vocal system functions.  And it is really much more simple than most people make it.  And way more satisfying.

davidWhat I do for you as a singer…