Article on Rolfing and singers

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I read this article by a singer who was told about Rolfing and gave it a try.  It is well written and gives a general sense of what Rolfing can do for a singer.

I worked Rolfing singers from 1985 through 2002 in NYC, when I went to the Denver area to do a Masters in Counseling Psychology and to integrate psychotherapy into my work with singers.  My goal was to broaden my skills in helping singers with blocks in their expression.


Thirteen years later I work with singers doing just that.  We are human and with that comes some difficult territory at times, especially when our work demands us to sing all the time.  Many singers work with me to simply improve their range or resonance, but much of the time, they will come with a major problem such as not being able to sing in public suddenly. Or sometimes that they have developed anxiety that inhibits their ability to be themselves and relaxed to sing easily as they once had.  It looks like throat problems yet there is a psychological piece to this, in that our human expression system includes the vocal apparatus in the throat area.  And often, it is not a mechanical problem but emotional.

Helping a singer in this condition takes an ability to hep them first relax enough to experiment with their voice.  Quite often, they are in a fight or flight of sorts because it is affecting their ability to earn their living.  This is big.  But a approach this as I would with anyone coming to me with unresolved trauma and that is to hep the nervous system let go of the fear that it is carrying unconsciously and begin to find tranquility again, the only place to sing from that is satisfying and effective.



davidArticle on Rolfing and singers