Mirror Neurons: how infants learn

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This is a brilliant example of how we learn.  There is something called mirror neurons in the from part of our brain (pre-frontal cortex) that have all to do with learning in relation to others.  Essentially, we learn through interaction and this is evident in this clip of this infant learning very quickly the fine motor skills that it takes to sing.

The old adage, ‘don’t do as I do, but do as I tell you to do’ has forever been proven false.  Children learn through our behavior, through their interactions with us, Whatever those around them model, they will become, or their version of it.

In the case of singing, this small infant is learning very quickly the fine sensory-motor skills that singing requires.  And this child is taking in very deeply the way this woman sings.   This is how it is folks.

So find a voice professional who can demonstrate the higher possibilities of singing where speech and singing skills match one another.  Habits can be changed and phonation can improve to the point that you are singing is a way that reflects your spirit and not being just a copy of someone else.




davidMirror Neurons: how infants learn