David Delaney, MA, ACR, LPC Rolfing Singers since 1985

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I became certified in the Rolfing® bodywork Method (Certified Rolfer®) because it dramatically uncovered my singing voice and allowed me to sing with ease and power which I was not capable of accessing before being Rolfed, even after years of professional voice training in NYC. 

Our voice is our spirit made visible but can be covered-up, buried, locked-up and hidden to a degree from a lifetime of injuries, accidents, fear, illness, stress, emotional repression, limiting habits acquired from our families, violence and aggression, and unconscious defense mechanisms as well as trauma passed onto us from our ancestors.  

Our body is our road map of life experiences.  Anything that we have experienced that caused us to have to protect or go into fight or flight, can be locked up in our body until it is resolved from a past experience when we were unable to accept and integrate it at the time it occurred, especially in our infancy.  We can call this unresolved trauma, unresolved traumatic stress or simply held fear.  In the animal kingdom, the animal releases the blocked energy by shaking immediately after a stressful event (think of a dog or cat).  We human’s don’t always allows this to happen and the energy becomes trapped, like volcanic energy that freezes the moment it erupts.  Crying or laughter are good examples of discharge events, though of course not the only types.

Traumatic stress is the memory of fear that is unresolved in our body/psyche.  It is tension or blocked energy, unable to flow freely because we have yet to be able to observe it, assimilate it and integrate it as simply experience.  This is very well known from the point of view of Oriental Medicine and it is well known from the viewpoint of modern psychotherapy, in particular somatic therapy.  We all have varying levels of traumatic stress in our nervous systems that limit our ability to respond resiliently to life’s constant change.  If we acquire more that we can manage on a biological level, it will impair our adaptability to remain flexible and adaptable, which includes expressing ourselves authentically and creatively and in particular when singing because singing demands full body elasticity and flexibility.

Since 1982 until now I have worked with professional singers from Broadway, the opera world, the pop world and well as actors ands dancers, supporting them to free their bodies of this unresolved fear that reduces body overall resilience, especially at the level of the small muscles which I call the singers muscles.  

Over time, our bodies accumulate fear/stress/tension and this will eventually cause our small muscles (emotional muscles) to shorten or what is called, going into flexion.  This chronic shortening will cause the body to shorten, and eventually to lock joints to some degree.  With my 36 years experience, we can reverse that process and bring your singer’s body back toward its original blueprint, renormalizing it.  When our adaptability and internal elasticity is reorganized,  especially at the level of the core muscles (your survival muscles or also called your muscles of initiation), why then you can discover the natural and authentic singing power and range that comes from using the minimum breath and minimum throat tension and generating maximum singing resonance.

Singing and working with singer’s is my lifetime passion and I am here to support you in uncovering your Nature-given voice that is unique to you and like no-one else’s.  When you move to this higher ground, you will wonder why you did not already figure it out is is so simple (though sometimes you have to work through some resistance to get there).  And this way of working that comes from the physiological branch of the Bel Canto School will never cause any vocal problems no matter how many hours a day you sing when it becomes second nature or what we, into call procedural memory.





davidDavid Delaney, MA, ACR, LPC Rolfing Singers since 1985