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The interior muscles of singing…

Many students come to Boulder, Colorado for a week and work with me for a few hours a day for the week.  As a voice trainer, body therapist, psychotherapist, and singer myself, I am able to design a personal program tailored specifically to your exact needs.  Our initial meeting over the phone will give me a sense of what your vocal needs are and when you arrive, we are ready to dive into our work at boosting your skills to another level.

How do I work?


Because singing is an art that demands full body flexibility and skill, we do whatever is needed to help you free your body so that you begin to get out of your own way and allow the voice to flow freely; its very design.  Most people get hooked up to the brain biofeedback instrument; this helps your  brain become more relaxed, flexibly responsive and better able to stay focused in the moment to moment  that singing demands.  And you will receive hands-on-therapy to unlock areas of your body that are preventing your natural voice from soaring.  We have to unlock the emotional muscles to even get an inkling of what your voice is capable of.

You will as well be taught the sort of exercises which target the awakening and opening of the singers muscles or called the initiatory or emotional musculature mentioned above.  These are mostly locked up in our Culture and so you will leave with tools to open and develop this set of key muscles, without which you will never find your full range and power, ever…



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