Rolfing for Singers

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David Delaney, MA., LPC, CAR  (Colorado) 

Certified Advanced Rolfer® & Rolf Institute member since 1985  

Physiological Voice Skills Training

Audio-Vocal Trainer in the Tomatis® Approach





David began working with singer’s in 1982 in New York City.  Becuase Rolfing works comprehensively throughout the entire body to re-organize and balance the major body segments, it brings that body to a more 3-dimensional, vertical orientation in the Gravitational field.  This naturally and immediately improves phonation (vocal production) and this is why singers love Rolfing. Freeing the body frees the intrinsic muscles that we sing with.  The Singer’s Listening Posture is a key requirement for any singer who wants to perform at the highest level of their ability. Your body is after all, your instrument! You need to be as free and adaptable as possible to sing with resonance and yet never have to force your voice and this is what Rolfing is known for.

Since the ear and the voice are one functional system neurologically, and since the ear not only directs phonation, but also controls body posture and kinesthesia (awareness of ourself moving in space), this singer’s posture, also called listening posture, is essential.  David has spent 37 years dramatically improving singer’s listening posture that has an immediate effect on phonation, improve listening skills, relaxation, anxiety reduction, improved body coordination, self assurance, and much more.

A little about Rolfing…

Developed by Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry and physiology from Columbia University in 1916. In her scientific research, she made a fundamental discovery about the human body: The same network of connective tissue (fascia) which contains and links the muscle and skeletal system when it is healthy and balanced can be used to reshape it when it is out of balance due to past injuries, accidents, stress and fear, trauma, emotional blocks, and mis-use.

Rolfing now refers to a system of body education and physical manipulation originally called “Structural Integration“. In Dr. Rolf’s own words, ”When the physical body gets into difficulties, trouble spreads to the whole man. It affects his consciousness, and he calls it stress.” She recognized that lack of stress/tension/fear actually came with what she called balanced function- the balance of the body with the field of gravity. In her way of seeing, “stress is imbalance, visible as the inappropriate position of the body components in space”.

Rolfing is basically twofold: by hands on manipulation, the soft tissue is brought toward its normal (anatomically efficient) position: calling for what is considered appropriate movement and active participation from the individual, then allows the structure to realign itself.

This is done by a working relationship between practitioner and client. The “Rolfer” assists the client, through physical manipulation, to discover and release holding patterns of tension that are not even recognized until afterthey are released and new movement patterns have been established. This recognition of ‘only after the release’ comes from the fact that tension held in the body may cause an anesthetizing affect between body and brain; the brain stops getting the message of pain from the body and the imbalance is sent through the entire body, thus changing it’s form and movement and overall balance.

  • A Basic Rolfing seriesgenerally consists of 10 sessions of approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • An Advanced Rolfing seriesof approximately 5 sessions is also available for those who have completed the Basic Rolfing series and for whom sufficient time has allowed the original work to mature.

Professional Bio

David is a body centered psychotherapist (Colorado) and Certified Advanced Rolfer™ who has been in private practice for 37 years. He has developed a direct, gentle, and non-aggressive style of working with singers, musicians and actors to help them recognize, understand, and release accumulated, held tension/fear that’s absorbed into our psyche/body (they are one and the same) in the course of our daily lives, especially in this highboy stressed and technological culture. Tension is the enemy of the singer since the hallmark of a great singing is relaxation, using the least amount of tension and breath, to achieve the most resonance.

David has made a study of the human body/psyche for 40 years and trained in multiple systems of somatic manual therapy, among them Swedish Massage therapy, Zero Balancing,  Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Dr. John Upledger, and Chua Ka® Bodywork developed by Oscar Ichazo.

David is a graduate of Fordham University in NYC. and holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology . He is certified in both Neurofeedback Brain Training and EMDR Trauma Therapy.  His work for 37 years has focused on assisting singers to improve their singing capabilities by helping their bodies let go of the accumulate and unresolved tension, trauma and stress that we acquire in our lives and that constrains and limits our personality and singing voice.


David see clients in Boulder County, Colorado and New York City, New York

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