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“Without any doubt whatsoever, I can DEFINITELY recommend David as a vocal coach! He has an extremely deep and profound understanding of not only the vocal expression system and how it functions, but also of the BODY itself, including everything from the three levels of the human brain, the bones, the muscle tissue, and the connective tissue and how to best use your vocal instrument. He even has an understanding of the way trauma works,  how it is stored in the body during childhood and how to release it safely. He is also a licensed Psychotherapist, an Advanced Certified Rolfer®,and an Master Certified NeurOPTIMAL™ Trainer. Talk about a comprehensivist!

David is a very well-versed man of many talents, skills, and abilities. He loves helping people and is very successful in doing what he loves! He blends all of his knowledge from his many different walks of life into the vocal approach he teaches. He is such a kind and caring man and is always so peaceful and friendly. It’s just so easy to be relaxed around him. He is such a genius and I am so grateful to have met him. He has helped me immeasurably and I’m confident he will do the same for you.

I started lessons with him on Skype since I live very far from where he lives. From the get go, it was instantly apparent how amazing David Delaney really is. Such was my amazement that I decided to travel down (or up, rather) to the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado in order to work with him in person. Boulder is a very peaceful place filled with awesome, friendly people. I visited and worked with David for a week and greatly benefited from doing so. Learning with him on Skype is AMAZING, but it doesn’t compare to being with him in person. Of course, any time spent working with David is time WELL spent, but if you have the opportunity to visit him, I strongly urge you to do so! And if that’s not an option for you, I promise you’ll be extremely pleased with doing Skype lessons with him.

Thank you David for being you!! Words cannot express my gratitude!”

Michael T – ON, Canada


“Thank you so much for making time in your schedule for me. I appreciate it so much. This lesson was very important because I realized that reconnecting needed to happen in every aspect of my life, not just my singing. I have been a little lost lately and our lesson helped me find my way back. Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to our next lesson.”

K. W., Boulder, Co.

“I hope you are well today? What a genius you are! I was totally relaxed in both my auditions today. Your voice was in my head as I elastically and calmly told the story of the song. I thought about the words, I was present and they didn’t look down at their papers once. They had their eyes on me and I definitely felt them. It was an interaction, it wasn’t one way. I am so grateful to you for our conversation and what you have already taught me. I am very interested in working with you in the near future and I am very excited for the future.”

A.A., London, England (after one Skype session)

“The instruction and techniques you gave me, though simple, were profound!  Posture, physiology, opening the rib cage, and that amazing little ‘mmmmmmmmmm-ing’ technique – most of all, to produce a sense of relaxation and eliminating tension really make sense.  I’ll have a chance this evening to see how my body ‘delivers’ during ‘dress’ rehearsal.”

R.D., Silver Spring, Maryland

“I highly recommend David as an excellent singing coach and lecturer on voice production. His in depth knowledge of the body and technical expertise has filled-in the ‘missing knowledge’ in my training. I can also recommend Skype or Google as a format for online training/lectures. Perhaps he will visit us in the UK if he does a world-wide master-class tour?”

Helen Sheppard- Voice Coach at Exeter Academy of Music and Sound , Great Britain

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