Talksup® auditory integration training

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The Tomatis TalksUp® Device plays specially processed and preselected music to stimulate the auditory integration system. By reproducing the electronic gate, this stimulation ensures the accurate integration of the acoustic information and helps the brain to better receive, select, and process this information. After assessing a client’s needs, David Delaney is able to choose the suitable program to retrain your inner ear. Inner ear training is done in 2 week intensives of 2 hours per day for a total of 2 intensives, or a total of  4 weeks to begin with.  If you are a candidate, based on David’s criteria and assessment, a device can be taken home for you to do the Tomatis audio-integration training at your home.  You must meet with David to do an intake and assessment before proceeding.

There is a direct neurological connection between the ear and speech. An aspect of the inner ear called the vestibule controls posture and the cochlear controls speech and singing.

Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis’ research shows the essential part the human ear plays in the control of phonation (speeach and singing production), in body image awareness, and in motor control. A musical ear has to be able to attune itself to the entire sound spectrum. It must know how to perceive and analyze every part of the frequency spectrum with maximum speed and precision. The range critical for musicality is in a bandwidth located between 500 Hz 4000 Hz, forming a curve of response for which Tomatis has identified precise characteristics (Tomatis, 1955a, p.24; 1963, p.101). The Talksup® device precisely renormalizes the inner ears ability to listening to the full sound spectrum.

According to Tomatis, a listening problem, which is not the result of organic lesion, generally has a psychological origin. We all have experiences in our lives that can disrupt our ability to listen and hear well.  Since muscular activity is key to the ear’s function, any traumatic or intense experience has the capability to disrupt our ability to receive the entire sound spectrum. Our ears are delicate and once the ear has closed, it cannot be opened says like a fist can be opened.  It needs re-training in oder to do that sometimes.

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