Coaching Voice Professionals

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Training for voice professionals: teachers, or coaches…

If you are a voice professional and wish to improve your knowledge of a practical and useable anatomy,  physiology and kinesthetic awareness of the vocal instrument, and learn to assist your clients/students to unlock their body as it relates to their voice, I would love to teach you.  I have 35 years professional experience working with singers of all different genres in New York City helping professional singers free the blocks in their body and psyche that prevent free and natural singing without damaging their vocal instrument.

My work DOES NOT FOCUS on the vocal folds since they function on the instinctual level, not the conscious level.  In the approach that I learned from Margaret Riddleberger, who was Metropolitan Opera trained from the Bel Canto School of Italy, non-force, relaxation, body elasticity, and knowing how to generate a sound stream in coordination with natural  and effortless speech placement.  Singing is a kinesthetic-somatic based process, and so involving the student’s body through hands-on teaching, as well as singing demonstration by you, is key to their learning.  Talking about and theories about what to do is limited because of how our out technical mind can interfere and take us out of the experience of singing which is an instinctual, innate process.  Demonstration, enhancement of motor skills used in speaking, and somatic learning are key to actually embodying new awareness and skills, and strengthening one’s ability to sing well and authentically from the heart.

If you have been looking to make the transition in your work with singers, I can help streamline that transition.

If you want training from a singer who is also a professional voice trainer, also trained and certified in multiple body therapies (Rolfing®, Chua Ka™ Bodywork, Cranio-Sacral, Massage Therapy; also Licensed Psychotherapist) who can show you how to help your students uncover their innate, natural vocal capabilities, I would love to hear from you and hear about what you are looking for.

Contact me to discuss this further. I really love hearing from those who want to improve their work with singers.  This is my mission in life.


davidCoaching Voice Professionals